Academic Life

  1. General:

    • Begin everything in the name of the Almighty.
    • Show obedience and respect to your parents, teachers, and seniors.
    • Always speak the truth, be honest, think with integrity, and hate wrongdoing.
    • Be diligent and persistent. Don’t get disheartened. Always rely on the Almighty for your success and pray for His guidance.
    • Arrive at school in proper uniform at least 15 minutes early and join the morning assembly. Please note that the gates will open at 8:40 AM.
    • While entering the Institution, show proper respect by saying “Assalamu Alaikum” or “Good Morning” to all teachers, staff, and those senior in age.
    • Respect your teachers and be friendly with your seniors and peers.
    • Never behave rudely with anyone.
  2. Before joining GPHIS:

    • Your uniform is clean, tidy, and properly ironed.
    • Ensure that your shoes are clean.
    • Make sure you have a proper haircut, a correctly displayed nameplate, epaulettes, tie, and ID card.
    • For girls, ensure that hair is tied with a white ribbon into two braided ponytails. Additionally, make sure fingernails are properly trimmed.
    • Boys’ hair should be kept short, and nails must be trimmed regularly.
    • Girls are permitted to wear only earrings and ear tops. Fancy hairbands or hair clips are not allowed. Girls may wear white hijab if they want.
    • Students must refrain from using hair dye, makeup, nail polish, and any similar cosmetic products.
    • Students are not permitted to carry any electronic items, toys, mobile phones, expensive wristwatches, or similar belongings. Additionally, students are not allowed to borrow money or present gifts to anyone.
    • Students must not visit roadside shops (if any).
  3. Before joining class:

    • Ensure that you have prepared your lessons and completed your homework before joining the class.
    • You must prepare your lessons and completed your homework before joining the class.
    • Make sure you have completed all assignments.
    • Avoid moving around in the verandah or corridor during class hours.
    • Please use the washrooms designated for your respective class or male and female students.
  4. Behavior during the class:

    • Sit as per seat plan.
    • Be attentive and clarify any doubts you may have during the class.
    • Regularly carry books, notebooks, and essential items.
    • Do not disturb anyone in the class.
    • Do not go and loiter anywhere during class hours except during the tiffin and games periods.
    • Enter the classroom promptly after the tiffin period.
    • Dispose of classroom litter and lunch waste in the dustbin.
    • Do not leave the GPHIS campus without permission.
    • Prepare your regular lessons and homework before joining the class.
    • Make short notes on your daily study assignments given by the teachers and seek their help for any questions that are unclear to you.
    • Use the diary properly and submit it to your class teacher for review to ensure it is being used correctly.
    • Do not write or draw on the walls or desks in the classroom.
    • Please keep the classroom walls clean and refrain from leaning against them with shoes.
  5. While visiting the washroom, please ensure:

    • Have left it clean after use for others.
    • The washroom floor should keep dry and clean.
    • Students should not crowd inside the washroom. The water tap must be closed after use.
  6. Senior students to be addressed:

    • Please greet senior students with ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ or another appropriate greeting.
    • To address male students as – BHAIA.
    • To address girl students, use APU.
  7. Behavior with classmates, seniors and juniors:

    • Be respectful and polite to everyone, considering the diverse backgrounds of students from different areas, religions, and backgrounds.
    • Everyone has unique traits, some may be emotional, irritable, or unsocial. Still, striving for ideal behavior benefits all.
    • Supporting students with special needs or social imbalances is everyone’s responsibility.
    • Do not quarrel with anyone about any matter.
    • Strictly no to bullying, violence, harmful groups, or hooliganism. TC may be issued for such behavior.
    • If you encounter any issues at school, whether with classmates or personal matters, please inform your class teacher or coordinator promptly
  8. Protect GPHIS property.

    • Take care of the properties of the institution.
    • Turn off the fan and lights before leaving the classroom.
    • Keep your own desk clean.
    • No school property shall be broken/destroyed in any way.
    • Any student who damages an asset must provide appropriate compensation.
  9. Personal Properties:

    • Take care of personal belongings such as your bag, diary, pen, books, notebooks, calculator, wristwatch, and any other items you have.
    • Keep all these items inside the bag.
    • Be vigilant and careful to prevent the loss of personal belongings.
  10. Tiffin:

    • Bring your tiffin from home and have it in your classroom during the tiffin period.
    • If you do not bring tiffin from home, you may purchase it from the GPHIS canteen at a reasonable price.
    • A student is not allowed to bring more than Tk. 100 in a day. Money should not be lent or borrowed from peers.
    • When you enter the canteen area, stand in line and wait for your turn. Do not break the line or create chaos.
  11. School attendance:

    • Every student must have 90% attendance in class to be eligible to appear in the final exam.
    • Absences will only be granted by the Principal for reasons such as sickness, Hajj, Umrah, or the death of a close relative (father, mother, grandparents, siblings etc.).
  12. Examinations:

    • There are assessments, surprise tests, class tests, and term-end examinations. Each examination is compulsory for every student.
    • Leave will not be granted for any silly matter like traveling somewhere, marriage of distant relatives, etc.
    • Each student must secure the requisite marks in each exam to be promoted to the next class.
    • Do not adopt any unfair means in the examination hall. Anyone caught attempting to cheat or preparing to cheat will be expelled and given a TC from GPHIS.
  13. Study at home:

    • Must cover the lesson which will be taught on the next day.
    • Must study at least 06 hours a day.
    • Don’t keep any task, homework pending.
  14. Clubs & Societies:The following clubs & societies are in function:

    • English & Bangla Literary Club
    • Spell Bee Club
    • Computer Club
    • Music & Dance Club
    • Arts & Crafts Club
    • Debate Club
    • Language Club
    • General Knowledge Club
    • Science & Math Club
    • BNCC, Girl Guides & Boy Scout
    • Quirat Club

    Clubs & societies are conducted on every Thursday for the students of all classes.

  15. Games:

    • Attendance in games is compulsory for all.
    • Facilities for the following games are available.
    • Football
    • Volleyball
    • Handball
    • Basketball
    • Table tennis
    • Other Indoor games
  16. Visiting GPHIS:

    • No student will come to the school on holidays without prior permission of Principal.
    • No student is allowed to enter GPHIS without Uniform.
    • Students are not allowed to enter into the campus with any outsiders.
  17. Friends or relatives:

    • Friends or relatives are not allowed to enter GPHIS both during and after the working hours.
    • Ex-student may visit office for personal needs.
  18. Use of Library:

    • Students may use the library up to 1330 hours on working days.
    • Students may also use library during games period. (Taking permission from class teacher).
  19. Joining National Days:
    Participation in various events organized by GPHIS on national days such as Mother Language Day, Independence Day, the Birth and Death Anniversary of Bangabandhu, Pohela Boishakh, Victory Day, etc., is mandatory.


Under Development

Academic Calendar 2024


School Days – 2024


First SemesterFinal Semester
Sl. No.MonthWorking DaysSl. No.MonthWorking Days
Grand Total152


Examinations – 2024


First SemesterFinal Semester
First Semester Exam26 May – 10 JunFinal Semester Exam17 Nov – 02 Dec
Result Day30 JunResult Day17 Dec


National Holidays – 2024


First Semester
Sl. No.DateDayOccasionTime
0121 FebMondayMother Language Day (Art Competition)10:00 am-12:00 pm
0217 MarSundayBirthday of Bangabandhu & Children’s Day10:00 am-12:00 pm
0325 MarMondayGenocide Remembrance DayN/A
0426 MarTuesdayIndependence DayN/A
0512 MaySundayMother’s Day10:30 am-12:00 pm
0616 JunSundayFather’s Day10:30 am-12:00 pm
Final Semester
0715 AugThursdayNational Mourning Day10:00 am-12:00 pm
0805 OctSaturdayTeacher’s Day10:30 am-12:00 pm
0918 OctFridaySheikh Russel DayN/A
1014 DecSaturdayMartyr Intellectual DayN/A
1116 DecMondayVictory Day08:00 am-12:00 pm