About Us

Chairman's Message

Md. Alamgir Kabir

Dear Parents,

Education is the foundation of all progress. If the face of Bangladesh has to shine ever than it cannot be accomplished without proper and quality education being it is Bengali medium or English medium. It is for this very reason, we stepped into the education sector, not to make any return from our investment, but to contribute to the society through providing international standard teaching.

As entrepreneurs, we can easily choose a suitable place to set up the school if we aim to return on our investment, especially when it’s about an English medium school. But we think differently. We think about our society; we think about the children, especially of Munshiganj. So that the parents of Munshiganj and its adjacent areas would not think about to go to Dhaka or Narayanganj for English medium education services.The GPH International School is committed to follow all the international standards so than any student, if he or she intends, of the school can get admission easily in any internationally reputed school in home and abroad.

Here at GPH International School students are given all the ingredients for success superb teachers who are highly experienced and trained in delivering the Edexcel syllabus, and unparalleled facilities for every sort of sporting, theatrical, cultural activity, vast grounds and open spaces for recreation.

We value decorum, courtesy, self-discipline and honesty because the world values these virtues as strengths that will help students to rise above and achieve respect in their chosen fields.

Welcome to GPH International School in Munshiganj to experience world-class education with a difference.

founding Story

GPH International School was founded in 2016 as a first English medium school in Munshiganj. Munshiganj has always been a land of scholars and sages and it is a birthplace of many renowned personalities who had contributed to the world in many aspects.

The founding members of this school established this institution with a view to continuing the legacy of success in the education sector of Munshiganj. However, since this district is deprived of many metropolitan city facilities, it is no exception that they are deprived of an updated education system.

This is why, the founding persons of GPHIS thought of preparing their future generation to meet the challenges of the 21st century by enriching the educational opportunities with a modern facility in this place.


School managing committee

Sl. No. Name of SMC Members Position
01 Md. Alamgir Kabir Chairman
02 Al-Haj Md. Abdur Rouf Member
03 Md. Jahangir Alam Member
04 Md. Almas (Shimul) Member
05 Md. Ashrafuzzaman Member
06 Md. Abdul Ahad Member
07 Ms. Kamrun Nahar Member
08 Raisa Kabir Member
09 Principal Member

Why GPHis

We believe in the exact implementation of our motto ‘ For quality education’ which is also the core foundation of our policies. In GPHIS students are provided with an inclusive and advanced teaching environment. Hence, make sure you don’t get late to be a part of GPHIS.


GPH International School (GPHIS) is the first educational institution in Munshiganj to offer English Medium Curriculum with modern facilities which aims to be a university in the future to provide higher education with the research facility. It aims at contributing nationwide whilst having emerged with schooling from playgroup to kg in 2017. Henceforth, our pursuit of enlightenment visualizes ourselves as one of the leading academia by the year of 2027 with newly launched O’level program and then A’level in 2029.



G for God Fearing, P for Plain Living and H for High thinking; the ideologue that GPH reflects. GPH International School (GPHIS) believes in this philosophy. We aim to create responsible, global citizens who show understanding, compassion, and acceptance of the differences in the world. It provides a learning environment that encourages students to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through moral, value and academic education. It also has a relentless pursuit of achieving best quality education and sustainable development. That is why, our motto is - “Quest for Excellence”.


Core Values

•   Knowledge.

•  Self-Discipline. 

•  Social Responsibility

•  Compassion. 

•  Determination. 

•  Celebration. 

Our Teachers

Kazi Touhid Elahi

MA in English (DU), B.Ed

Rehnuma Iqbal

MA in English (BRAC)
Senior Teacher

Nurjahan Akther

BSS in Social Work (NU)
Senior Teacher

Zahida Parvin

MSS in Social Science (NU)
Senior Teacher

Marufa Khatun

M.Ed (DU)
Senior Teacher

Md. Rezaul Karim

M.Sc in Statistics (DU)
Senior Teacher

Salsabil Haque

MA in English (JU)
Assistant Teacher

Rahela Sultana

MSS in Political Science (NU)
Junior Teacher

Khaleda Akter

MA in English (NU)
Junior Teacher

Jannatul Ferdous

MSS in Social Work (NU)
Junior Teacher

Eva Akter

MA in English (NU)
Junior Teacher

Mahmuda Islam

B.Sc Hons. in Chemistry (NU)
Junior Teacher

Fauzia Ahmmed

MBA (Eastern University)
Junior Teacher

Labina Hakim

Junior Teacher

Sharmin Rahaman

MA in Music (UODA)
Music Teacher

S.K. Rahul Roy

Art & Craft Teacher

Sumia Islam

BA Hons. in English (NU)
Assistant Admin Officer

Md. Osman Gani

SSC, Ex Corporal BD Army
Admin Associate

Afsana Mimi

B.Sc in Mathematics (NU)
Class Attendant

Israt Jahan

BA Hons. in English (NU)
Class Attendant